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Which Akaroa tour with A Classic Ride?

Which Akaroa tour with A Classic Ride?

As travellers ourselves we know how hard it can be to choose to get the best out of your limited time ashore. Akaroa has been described by many people as one of the most beautiful places in the world.  We agree and we love to share it with other people. Our Akaroa tours range from an overview of the village and local marae with spectacular scenic stops overlooking the town and Akaroa Harbour to longer excursions around Banks Peninsula and Christchurch. We have designed the routes to make the most of your time and give you the best experience we can in the time you have available. If you don’t love it tell us, if you do, tell the world :) This blog will help you choose which Akaroa tour with A Classic Ride will best suit you.

30 Minute GoldWing and Side Car Tour
lighthouse rd Akaroa tours A Classic Ride
Lioght house Rd Akaroa tours A Classic Ride half hour tour.

Starting just opposite the end of the main wharf in Akaroa, the 30 minute tour takes in a tour of the village including the exclusive Settlers Hill. You will see quaint colonial cottages and gardens before embarking on the narrow and steep Lighthouse Rd where many people choose to swap seats. Expansive views of the harbour including the ship unfold. A breathtaking ride down Lighthouse Rd past the vineyards, Garden of Tane and the old cemeteries leads on to Onuku Rd and out to the marae. The delights of the gardens are not just visual. The heady scent of roses and other flowers have been remarked upon by many taking this ride.

church Onuku Marae Akaroa tours A Classic Ride
Onuku Marae church
Meeting house Onuku Marae
Onuku Marae 1/2hr tour

At Onuku Marae you are welcome to enter the church for a quick peek. You will see the meeting house and carvings before heading back to Akaroa past the Lighthouse where you ca be dropped off if you wish to go inside. It is just a few minutes walk back to the wharf.

The 30 minute tour is ideal for those who want to see a lot in a short time. For those who would find sitting or riding pillion difficult for longer times it is more suitable than the longer tours.

60 Minute and longer, Tours
shops and main street Akaroa 1 hr or longer tour
Main street Akaroa 1 hr or longer A Classic Ride tour.

The 60 minute tour takes in roughly half of the Summit Rd with spectacular views into Akaroa Harbour and the Outer Bays. On clear days it is possible to see as far as the Kaikoura Ranges. It is ideal for people who enjoy being far from the madding crowd. If you are keen on photography there are many stops with fantastic views.

From the main wharf you will be taken through the village main street to Old Coach Rd.  On the way up Long Bay Rd you will be wanting Richard to stop for photos. The road is steep and narrow andhe knows all the best stops. Trust me. Richard will stop where it is safe and you get the best views.

View of Akaroa Harbour from Long Bay Rd Takamatua
Takamatua 1 hr+ ride Long Bay Rd
Summit Rd 1 hr A Classic Ride
The Summit Rd 1 hr+ rides & Backtrack tours


Wind your way around the Summit Rd at the top of the extinct volcanic crater. Marvel at the rock formations, the aroma of pine forests and native bush, views across the Pacific Ocean and the harbour. The scenery is truly stunning.

At the Okains Bay Rd intersection you will be able to see into the harbour and across to Okains Baybefore taking the Okains Bay Rd down into Robinsons Bay onto SH75 and back to Akaroa.

90 minute A Classic Ride Tours

For a stunning view of the harbour heads in addition to the spectacular Summit Rd  take a 90 minute tour. This tour is my personal favourite.

Aaroa Harbour view from Summit Rd
Akaroa Harbour, Onawe and the harbour heads from Sumit Rd above Pigeon Bay
 2 hours and more

In addition to the great views we can fit in a stop at the Hilltop Cafe & Bar and the Barry’s Bay Cheese Factory. It’s best to allow 2 1/2 hrs to fit in both especially if you want to have a drink or cabinet food and taste the cheeses. Or i you want to take up half a day and go over the hill to Lyttleton and Governors Bay we can schedule a stop at She Universe Chocolate