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how to choose Akaroa shore excursions

Akaroa shore excursions
Tenders arriving at the Akaroa wharf

Akaroa Shore Excursions for cruise ship passengers

There are lots of shore exursion options for cruise ship passengers in Akaroa over the summer. Some people are opting for the TransAlpine train and bus trip to Arthur’s Pass and back, others are pre-booking farm tours, wildlife tours and bus tours to Christchurch. Tours can be pre-booked with independent operators, booked with the ship or wait until the day you get in.  Some Akaroa shore excursions, like the Trans Alpine train, are best booked on board because they can not be done independently. Others are run by small independent operators who live and work in and around Akaroa or who come from Christchurch city to do local and city tours.

If there is something you really want to do then pre-booking is advised.

How to choose Akaroa Shore Excursions

Tips for choosing Akaroa Shore Excursions. Everyone has a style of travel that makes some trips more suited to them than others. Work out what your style is and choose a trip accordingly. Some tours book up quickly, have set departure times or will not depart after a certain time. Check out these questions to help work out what you want to do. Each trip has its own special attributes. Some are suited for the very active or require that you can swim. These tips are designed to help you make the most of the day your ship is at Akaroa.

  1. do you want an exclusive tour for just your group
  2. do you want to travel with the business owner/operator
  3. do you want personal interaction
  4. do you want flexibility or a fixed route
  5. do you have mobility issues
  6. do you want to see the sights and/or wildlife
  7. how many are in your group
  8. do you want a land or sea tour or both
  9. do you have special interests e.g. photography, history, geology, architecture
  10. are you looking for something unique or are you happy with a standard tour
  11. do you want a guide who lives locally
  12. do you want the cheapest or value for money
  13. is it a tour exclusive to the ship
  14. is it an all day tour – is time pressured and you are worried about getting back on time
  15. do you want to stay local or go to the city or further.
  16. make sure you have enough time and get off the ship early enough to do what you want
Akaroa shore excursions
Akaroa Shore Excursions, tours and activities

Akaroa Shore Excursions operated by Akaroa and the Bays locals include:

A Classic Ride Honda GoldWing & Sidecar Tours

Akaroa Rental Cars and tours (not to be confused with Akaroa Car Rentals)

Akaroa Shore excursions A Classic Ride
A Classic Ride GoldWing & sidecar tour

Coast up Close

Black Cat Cruises and Swimming with the Dolphins

Akaroa Dolphins

Yellowbird Limousines

Ecoseaker Swimming with Dolphins

Akaroa Adventure Centre

Pohatu Penguins

Akaroa Seal Safari

Eastern Bays Mail Run

Paua Bay Farm Tours 

Shamarra Alpaca Farm Tours

Mafi’s Kayaking

Akaroa Jet

Fox II Sailing

Akaroa Tours and Taxi

In addition to the above local tours operated by locals there are other things to do and places to see. Barrys Bay Cheese Factory, Okains Bay Museum, The Giants House, Akaroa Museum, shops, cafes, galleries, walks, vintage car rides, golf, and more.  There are tours going to Christchurch to the Antarctic Centre, Airforce museum, Willowbank Wildlife Park, sightseeing, the mountains, farms and Lord of the Rings country. There is a lot to choose from at Akaroa whether you stay local or go across the hill to the city and plains and maybe even to the mountains beyond.