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Canterbury shore excursions

Canterbury Shore Excursions

Akaroa main wharf with tenders for Canterbury shore excursions
Akaroa main wharf cruise port for Canterbury

Akaroa is the Cruise Port for Canterbury.

Canterbury shore excursions depart from Akaroa. Shore excursions go all over Canterbury and to the mountains. There are many local options around Akaroa and Banks Peninsula especially enjoyed by people who love dramatic scenery.

Akaroa harbour from the Summit Rd on a  Canterbury shore excursion
Onawe Peninsula and Akaroa Harbour

Akaroa Shore Excursions

A Classic Ride Honda GoldWing and Sidecar tours offer a number of standard and custom tours. From 30 minutes to full day these tours are a unique way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Banks Peninsula and Akaroa. Suitable for any age(our youngest passenger was 2 and the oldest, that we know of, was 99) We recommend pre-booking Akaroa shore excursions to ensure you make the most of your time onshore. To see the best of the sea and land book a Honda GoldWing and Sidecar Tour and a harbour nature cruise. Ride the summit of the volcano and see the sea caves, dykes, blow holes and volcanic rock layers making up the crater that is now the Akaroa harbour.

Akaroa Harbour and Takamatua from the Summit Rd on a motorbike and sidecar tour Canterbury shore excursions
Takamatua and Akaroa harbour one hour plus tours.


Why pre-book?

  1. You know what you are doing, when you are doing it and for how long.
  2. Avoid disappointment. We can only take a few tours per day. Don’t miss out.
  3. It helps us keep our prices down. More efficient use of our time means we can keep the prices as low as possible.
  4. Risk free. We refund if we don’t go.
  5. If you book we will be there (unless it’s impossible for some unforeseen reason)
  6. Pre-book and receive a reward. One reward per tour value approximately $10NZ.

What will we see?

That depends where we go. In half an hour we take you through the village, up Settler’s Hill, back through the village up Lighthouse Rd for a view of the town and harbour, out to Onuku Marae, back to Akaroa past the lighthouse and return to the main wharf.

In one hour get even higher up on the Summit Rd. Ride the rim of the volcano with photo stops along the way to the Okains Bay intersection. Enjoy the spectacular views across Akaroa harbour as you head down Okains Bay Rd to Robinsons Bay.

The one and a half and two hour tours go further around the Summit Rd.

Three hour tours go to Okains Bay and Little Akaloa or to Little River as well as the Summit Rd.

Four and a half hours will get you to She Universe Chocolate Cafe at Governors Bay via Gebbies Pass, over Dyers Pass, around the base of the Port Hills and back to Akaroa with stops on the way for photos and commentary.