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bras in cars

Bras in Cars Fun Event Idea.

Bras in Cars is the husband’s answer to Boobs On Bikes.

How this brilliant thought came about goes like this.


As some of you may know we have a wee place on Stewart Island that we are doing up to rent out. We have been down there for a couple of weeks painting the laundry and prepping the outside and I was sad to leave. We had a birthday party to attend at Invercargill on the way home and  I decided to visit a certain store and treat myself to a new bra.  Next morning I mentioned that I was somewhat sad to be heading north rather than back south. Richard went into “cheer up” mode. Had he not been lying down in bed it would have made a great stand up comedy routine.

Pretty Undies

First he observed that while he was waiting for me he noticed a lot of the underwear in the lingerie department was pretty enough to be outerwear. This progressed to thinking that Bras in Cars could be the south’s answer to Boobs on Bikes.  While the climate in Invercargill is much maligned it is not as tropical as Auckland! Especially at this time of year. While he was on the subject of lingerie he began to wonder how G strings came to be called G strings. His answer to his own musings was hilarious and Billy Connolly would have had a field day with it. All I am saying is it has to do with spots!

So I was regaling our B&B host, Trev, with these thoughts when he chimed in with “what about Hooters on Scooters?” Well yes, why not? I’m sure Tim Shadbolt would be right up for Bras in Cars and maybe even a Hooters on Scooters in Invercargill.  There was so much going on last weekend the whole city was booked out for accommodation.

Stewart Island and Southland

We didn’t get much done over the last two days we were there as people were popping in for a cuppa and to see what progress we had made.  A couple of times we just happened to be looking out the window at the right time and see a pod of dolphins cruising past the bay. In the small hours of one morning I woke convinced that there as an aurora and on lifting the blind I found a southern light show that we watched from our bed.

Awarua Bay boat ramp Southland
Awarua Bay
Awarua Bay Southland

After visiting friends on Sunday morning we took the road out to Tiwai and Awarua Bay. We had to go to the end of the road because that’s what we do when we are out exploring. Fortunately there was a turn around area right on the beach. The wind had not abated from the day before when it had given us a bit of a bumpy ferry crossing over Foveaux Strait. A bit of camera shake was inevitable. I have a feeling that it could be quite common down there but the views and the sky are spectacular.

Tulip fields near Edendale Southland

I had mentioned that I’d love to go to the Netherlands and see the tulips in spring. His reply was “what about Tuatapere?” (I think he meant West Plains which is closer to Taramoa than Tuatapere) That gave Trev & Lynne a giggle & they suggested Edendale/Wyndham as it was on our way home. In the meantime Richard thought a spin around the roundabout on the way in to Invercargill would do the job. The tulips in the public spaces down there are abolutely beautiful. Heading back from Awarua Bay to SH1 at Edendale  we found the tulip fields. We were just early enough as of the several fields we found only one was beginning to flower. Apparently the bulbs produced on the heavy silt loams are better than those int he Netherlands and a bit later on in October the fields will be at their full glory. Trev suggested a helicopter flight.  I’m thinking that would be amazing.

And so while I was laughing so hard I cried I was still sad to be leaving the south. If ever Invercargill decides to host a Bras in Cars I imagine we will be there in support 😉