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Akaroa tours


Akaroa Tours

Every year we love taking a range of passengers on Akaroa tours. At least once a week in cruise ship season someone tells us “oh no I couldn’t do that. I’m too old”. Age is no reason to pass by a trip with A Classic Ride Honda Gold Wing and Sidecar Tours.  Even people with mobility issues have managed to enjoy the sidecar or motorbike. It’s just a matter of taking time with getting on and off it. How do we know? Because we’ve seen it all!

Passengers good to go on the GoldWing tour
Passengers good to go on the GoldWing tour

Our oldest Akaroa tour passenger (that we know of) was a 98 year old with her sister and husband who rode motorcycles delivering messages in WW2. We are guessing he is somewhere between 84 & 100! These three delightful characters with a zest for life spotted the Goldwing in Akaroa just as Richard was finishing a tour. They flagged Richard down and arranged to be collected from outside the bank to do one of the half hour Akaroa tours before heading back to the Sun Princess. You are never too old to have fun and these 3 were having plenty of it. The 98 year old had been gliding just recently. With plans to live to 120 himself Richard is seriously impressed with their attitudes! They thought the views of Akaroa were fantastic and one said “I bet a lot of our lot haven’t been up here” Up here being Lighthouse Rd a part of the half hour Akaroa tours.

Lighthouse Rd 1/2 hr tour
Lighthouse Rd 1/2 hr tour

The fact is that between 9 am and 4.30 pm on any given cruise ship day there are only available a maximum of 10 x 1/2hr rides or 5 x 1 hr rides, so off any one ship only about 20 or so people are ever going to be able to experience Akaroa tours from the seat of the Goldwing or the side car. If you are looking for a shore excursion with a difference and a  thrill without feeling unsafe or being scared out of your wits the Honda GoldWing Akaroa Tours are a unique way to see Akaroa Harbour and the Summit Rd. If you want to compare Akaroa tours  and shore excursions with your friends over dinner we think you will have some of the best stories.

We also hear “I don’t like motorbikes” I understand that. I’m not too fussed on them myself. Riding on the back of the GoldWing or in the spacious sidecar is more like riding in a convertible than riding a motorbike. This sidecar is firmly grounded on the third wheel and so there is none of the leaning around the corners experienced on a motorbike. Our Akaroa tours are more about the sightseeing than speed and noise. If you are looking for a local driver operating a local tour with fantastic photo stops and commentary this is one of the best Akaroa tours. You can read about it on Tripadvisor.


Can I drive it myself?  No. You will be too busy looking at the views.

Do I need a jacket? You might. It is quite sheltered in the sidecar and behind the driver. We have jackets, gloves and scarves and a “zoot suit” if you need it.

What about helmets? We have a full face and open face helmets from small to XXL. We even provide a hairprotector for hygiene.

Can we stop for photos? Of course. Even on the short Akaroa tours there are three stops. passengers may choose to swap over from sidecar to pillion. Please note that on the longer Akaroa tours around the Summit Rd, Richard knows the most scenic and safest stops. You won’t miss out.

What if I don’t like it? If you decide within the first five minutes that you don’t like it we will let you out and refund your money.

I’m claustrophobic. That’s ok. You can sit on the pillion seat or sit on a booster seat in the sidecar.

Is it safe? It’s as safe as we can make it. We have the bike fully certified and checked regularly. Richard is quite keen to make it home at night so he’s not going to do anything stupid.

How do I find you? At the end of the main wharf on cruise ship days  there is a taxi stond on the opposite side of the street. Richard and the GoldWing will be there when not on a tour. There is a board with due back time & booked times on it. Some days Sue is in the independent tour operators line up on the left of the wharf.

There are four of us. We can do two trips back to back for a discounted rate or maybe one of our Akaroa Rental Cars tours would suit better if you all want to go together.

Email any questions to Sue and Book Online