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Akaroa Cruise Ship Shore Excursions

Passengers good to go on the GoldWing tour
Passengers good to go on the GoldWing tour

If you are on a cruise that is stopping at Akaroa you have a choice of staying on board (and missing the beautiful township of Akaroa and spectacular Banks Peninsula) or taking the short tender trip to discover the delights of Akaroa.

There are a few things visitors need to know. When you arrive at the end of the wharf on the left you will find a line of independent operators selling their excursions and on the right a visitor information centre where staff can help with information and bookings. On the wharf you will also see roving ambassadors from the local community who can give you a free town map. These folk are all volunteers and available to help you out.

We know that after queuing for your tender and the  trip across the harbour one of the first stops is often the toilets. These are situated to the right off the end of the wharf. (It’s the building visible under the trees)

The town is a seaside resort just over 1km (just over 0.6mi) from one end to the other. It’s flat along the waterfront and an easy walk. The town is divided into two part by a beach in a small bay. If you want something more strenuous explore the hills by some lovely bush walks or up some of the steep streets. There are no wild animals or snakes.

There is a free shuttle bus running visitors from the wharf to the far end of town and back.

A variety of tours on and off the water offer the best of the sea and land. Some need to be pre-booked through the cruise ship. If you want to book your own activity or tour directly there are lots of options. You can choose from operators who live and work locally and operators who come from the city; small numbers (one, two or three) up to big buses; do it yourself – kayaking, cycling, walking; guided- motorbike and sidecar, rental car, mini van, double decker bus, stretch limo, dolphin swimming, nature cruises, sailing; attractions- Giant’s House, Barry’s Bay Cheese, Meniscus Wine Lounge has a dedicated cruise ship information page. If you want to go to the city it is best to disembark early and take either a bus or private tour or rent a car. It is around 1 1/2 hrs each way. There is plenty to explore around Akaroa and the Bays.

We can offer:  A Classic Ride Honda Goldwing & Sidecar tours from 1/2 hr to full day. The only Goldwing & Sidecar tour in NZ. 1-2 (up to 3 if 2 smaller people) Protective gear supplied.

4WD  Backtrack Tours in luxury vehicle for up to 4 passengers

Rental Car up to 5 people